The website got founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Aayush Phumbhra and had its operations base in Santa Clara, California.
It is an online education service provider and offers students:

  • Homework help
  • Scholarships
  • Internship matching
  • Online tutoring
  • It has millions of learning materials that cover specific learning areas to sort out each student’s academic needs. A student gets to buy or rent a book, ask study questions, find an online tutor and find textbook solutions. They have all these services in a single page easing navigation for users who do not have to open multiple tabs to access different services. Also, a chegg tutor is available 24/7 to assist with homework or a question. If your assignment is due within a few hours, there is a tutor ready to help you in your last minute rush. The website seeks to help students save money, time and grow smarter when they partner together. The site focuses on high school and college studying resources with tutors spread across different cities. This chegg tutors review is a positive one making the website a go-to option for many students.

    How Does Work

    So, how does a student access the services of this website? This chegg review will explain that. Once you log into the site, a search icon appears where a student is supposed to key in the details of the services that they seek. If you post a question, but there is no reply within the given time, a student has the option of displaying the question to the entire chegg community where they are guaranteed assistance. The site will then take you to the page with all the information you need. Some of the subjects covered by the website include:

  • Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • Geometry
  • Accounting
  • Calculus
  • Computer science
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • A tutor is not allowed to assist a student with a quiz or assignment. They can edit their work or offer suggestions for improvement. There is an honor code that guides both tutors and students from violating set regulations.

    A student is also able to set lessons in future with a tutor. It is convenient for both since the student finds a time that they are free from other issues, and a tutor can plan the lesson, tailoring it according to the client’s needs. Teaching is via video, text chat or audio, it all depends on a student’s preference. Before accessing any of the site’s services, one has to have an account or sign up through the website.

    Signing up, you require an email address, then you need to state whether you are a student or parent. A student then selects their level of education, either college or high school plus the name of the institution. You then choose the year that you’re in and create an account. The chegg tutor also preps students for tests such as ACT, GRE, and SAT.

    Terms and Conditions for a chegg tutor

    The hiring of tutors gets conducted online, and the website allows tutors from all backgrounds. All one needs is internet access and to be conversant with the subjects that they select to tutor on. Tutors also choose their working hours as students send questions at different times. The rating of the tutor improves with each assignment that they complete without error. The more students they assist, the higher their rank improves hence the chances of getting more tutoring opportunities. The website allows the tutors to work from anywhere be it at home, a coffee shop or an office making it flexible for them.


    The website has some payment plans for both students and tutors. For students, the site accepts the following modes of payment:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Discover Card
  • Chegg Credit
  • Visa
  • Scholarship funds or financial aid that is payable via debit or credit card

    Money orders and personal cheques are not accepted. There is a chegg study subscription and a chegg tutor subscription. A student chooses the one they need.

    Once a client’s signs up for the service, they enjoy a one week trial period where they get 30 minutes daily to ask any questions or assistance they wish. Once these minutes expire, the site charges the student on average for the extra time spent. The cost starts from as low as $15 per week, but one can also choose a pay as you go plan or a monthly plan.

    Tutors, on the other hand, are paid $20 per hour spent with a student. They are required to conduct all their tutoring using the website’s services for proper accounting. The site is not liable for payment of services offered to clients outside the website. They get paid every Thursday, and the payment method is strict via PayPal.

    Customer Care Services, Is chegg legit?

    So is chegg legit? We answer this by looking at some services that their customer care offers. When seeking a refund for either a canceled subscription or an erroneous charge, you direct your complaints to their help desk and explain your situation. They will, in turn, investigate to see if your issue has any merit and if you are on the right, you receive your refund.

    They also have a phone number which you can use to contact them during business hours from Monday to Friday. Their social support, however, is available daily from 5 am to 6 pm. The website does not give an email address and depend mostly on automated answers to sort out queries from students. It is an issue that we saw complaints about in more than one chegg review.

    Site Navigation and Format

    The website is user-friendly with easy to use icons and navigation tools. All the information that a student may require is found on the homepage making it easy to select what you want. The fonts are well laid, and the colors that the site applies to its pages is appealing and professional. The search bar takes some time to load a question but if you give it the time it displays the answers you need. The loading time for pages on the website is fast with guidelines on every step you take. The content contained in the site is also relevant to the services it offers making it quick to find the information they seek.


    Numerous chegg tutoring reviews give the site an average rating for its services. But is chegg safe? The answer is yes. The website follows guidelines that it encourages both its staff members and clients to adhere to for smooth operations. Their book collection is also impressive, and one is guaranteed to find a book that covers the subject that they seek. Their test preparation service is also commendable as they tutor in all the examination fields. The fact that they give a student the option to book a tutor at their convenience is excellent as it gives both sides ample time for preparation. Incorporating technology into their service where a student chooses the medium they want to learn with be it video, audio or text is fascinating. Apart from the fact that their customer care team is not available 24/7 and there is no live chat option with them either is something the site has to look into to provide better services. Overall, we can recommend to students who are looking for quality tutoring for any subject.

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