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This website was started by former college students and has a high student focus, although it does offer services that cater to professionals and academics as well as students.
Through essaytiger you can get an essay written on a variety of different subjects – just about anything is up for being written, from mathematics essays to astrology essays, there’s an impressive range of subjects that essay tiger can cater for and the website offers an easy to use ordering system that can be easily navigated.

Essays can be written for a variety of levels from undergraduate to postgraduate students, as well as business writing essays and more academic writing. Every essay that is ordered is guaranteed to be on time and with 0% plagiarism, ensuring that punctuality remains one of the highest priorities. Essaytigers com also give a confidentiality guarantee, meaning that your content will not be shared with anyone other than the customer, sporting the finest in encryption and security technology to keep your work safe.

Any essays that are written are written with style in mind, so essay tiger can write an essay in whatever style you like, for instance if you send samples of your writing, they can emulate the style for any essays you order. This is quite a neat feature that allows for a more individual and personalized outlook compared to other essay writing services out there. If you don’t have any way you’d like the essay writers to write, style is taken into consideration by the writers, for instance you can opt for a Harvard referencing style.

With every essay you purchase, you can receive 24/7 support which is good for students that are on a tight schedule or in different parts of the world, plus you can get the most out of your assignment with unlimited free revisions.


An essay tigers review of prices showed that prices were rather competitive with the current market, for instance ordering an undergraduate level paper will cost you $10 per page, with a 14 day turnaround. Prices vary based on level, for instance a professional writing of the same length and turnaround will cost just $9 more, which is pretty reasonable considering the level of writing at hand. Essaytigers also offer a pretty cheap proofreading service for the market, undergraduate assignments can be proofread for just $6 a page and $11 for professional level papers. We believe these prices are decent for what’s on offer, considering the amount of work available and the level of writing to be read.

Special Offers

There are numerous essaytiger special offers available to help out prospective customers. As a base offer, essay tiger will give you 10% off of your next essay as gesture of goodwill when an order has been placed. This could help you out a lot if you are a student that is a bit low on cash. Some of the other offers are generous but a little out of student means, for instance a 10% reduction if you spend over $1000 or 5% off any orders above $500 – it is unlikely that students will be spending this kind of money so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, although these essay tiger discount code options could be useful for the professional market. If you browse some popular discount sites or do a quick google search, you’ll notice other essay tiger discount code coupons available that are more for students, such as as much as 5 or 10 percent off an order. It’s worth doing a little digging to get the most out of the service.

Quality of Service

In order to try out the service for ourselves and see what we thought, we tested essay tiger by placing an order for a short undergraduate level assignment about British History to be completed within 14 days. Fortunately the assignment was delivered on time which was good to see and it was completed in the way that we outlined in our brief, including an accurate bibliography in the appropriate Harvard referencing style. The assignment passed our spelling and grammar check with flying colours – no errors to be had here. When assessing the style of the work, we found that the information was delivered in a style that was adequate but not inspiring. Perhaps the writer could have conveyed the meaning of the text a little better and we felt that the writing was structurally sound yet didn’t flow easily, some phrasing of the text being a little disjointed at times. Nonetheless, what was asked for was delivered and to a punctual standard with no errors. The content itself passed plagiarism checks ensuring that it was in fact all original content. Everything that had been written about was also fact checked and all of the information, dates, sources and text was completely accurate.

Our essay tigers review showed that this service offers a decent level of writing at an affordable price but what have other customers thought? In carrying out a detailed review of blogs, essay writing review sites, forums and asking former customers about the service, we can conclude that the vast majority were satisfied and over 80% would use the service again. The vast majority of essay tigers reviews were positive on the internet. The only discontent we found was that of the style of the business writing work, which didn’t meet the needs of specific business people who may have had their own distinct style of carrying out business.

Customer Support

Essaytigers offer a comprehensive level of customer support available and the great thing is that 24/7 support is on offer, unlike other essay writing sites that may only have customer support during office hours. This 24 hour support is ideal for students that may have many different deadline times and things to do, as they can fit their assignments around their ever changing times. If you’re a student living in a different country and time zone then you can take advantage of the 24 hour support service to meet your needs. Support is available via many mediums such as skype, online chat, email and phone. It’s nice to see that there is a toll free number that you can call, which is great for students that might be a bit low on funds.


To sum up, essaytigers com are a service that deliver on what they promise in a reliable manner. Essay tigers reviews from other users and past customers seem to back up our claims. With the low prices on offer and the quick turnaround, we believe that this service would be a go to for students irrespective of their financial situation and would recommend it to any college students.

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