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Often, you will find students having a challenge here and there about their studies. Teachers, therefore, have to come up with new material to motivate students. The solution that comes to mind for the students and teachers is enotes. For those who have not come across the site, they would probably ask themselves “what are enotes?” They are electrically generated notes that the website uses to offer educational features to both students and teachers. In 1998, the company was founded by two classmates who shared a love for Shakespeare. enotes review has mostly been positive and this is the reason for their increasing subscriber numbers during the school year. www enotes com has mainly focused on middle and high school.

Services Offered by www enotes com

Most of the parents have had a reservation when it comes to students getting an enotes account. They see it as an easy way for students to get their assignments done. However, enotes, if not abused by students can aid in motivating them.

The website has many great features including:

In-House Essays

The site hires professional writers with a passion for teaching. They have taken a different approach to how they work. The writers are freelancers hired to develop content. They take pride in hiring teachers or graduates who have experience in the subjects. The site has also gone a step further and hired a team of in-house editors. Their work is to make sure the content is original, accurate and has a depth to it. However, there is no record to show their credentials.

Literature Guides

Majority of students do admit that they find literature quite a task if not dull. For those who read, they agree that they don’t understand what it is that they are learning. enotes have context clues to help students quickly comprehend literature. The guides help students understand the story better when they are alone.

Teacher Tools

Not many websites remember teachers. Students are usually the ones who get the consideration. www notes com have provided tools to help teachers work much more comfortably. This way, they are left with ample time to teach in class. The most popular tool for teachers is the one that aids them in preparation for a lesson.

Quality Services at enotes

The website seems to know what it is that they are doing. www enotes com has worked at understanding their targeted customers. The literature guides are not too sophisticated for a high school student to understand.

Pricing at enotes

enotes categorizes its plan in two. This is because there are prices for students and teachers. For a student, the charges are around $14.99 per month, and if you chose annual payment, the price is $49.99. The prices for teachers are quite high, where having an enotes account costs $24.99 monthly and $199.99 annually.

For the teachers and students who want to first try out the service before making a commitment, enotes allows you to do just that. enotes free trial allows their clients to explore the website for 48 hours. They permit you to access all contents and features available. However, downloading PDFs is prohibited, and it’s only when you subscribe to their site that you can enjoy the feature.

They accept various payment methods such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.

Level of Customer Service at enotes

Most teachers and student feel safe knowing that they can get in touch with the company that they have subscribed to. The only way to reach the writers at enotes is by sending an email. They take up to 12 hours before you get a response. This can be discouraging at times when you need a prompt answer to a query.

Some Complaints Against enotes

The website has mostly focused on literature and history. This limits the number of clients who just want to make a one stop over. This enotes review points out the concern for parents who think their children are too dependent on the site. They worry that if they use enotes services, they are copying other peoples work.


From the above overview of the website, it is clear to see that enotes can make a student have a better mindset when reading. Literature, especially, has always been considered a hard subject by most students. This can change with enotes study guides. They can even find themselves enjoying reading while at it as they grasp what they are learning. The teachers also get to plan their schedules and have time to find out the strengths and weakness of their students in a class. It is evident that www enotes com has created a name for itself in the educational industry. However, they should think about broadening their subjects to give teachers and students more variety.

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