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Is essayshark scam?

More often than not, when you are looking for academic writing services online, chances are that some services rendered out there are scams. One of the common questions asked in the academic world is essayshark scam? And is essayshark legit?
These are among the reasons we decided to do an essayshark review to determine whether it is an honest academic site or not.

About essayshark com has been in the industry for more than 10 years. It acts more like a clearinghouse for writers hence considers itself unique in this field. The essayshark com writers have to sign up to bid for orders which are placed by the clients. essayshark writers operate with their profiles, and once a client requests for assignment help; it is automatically sent out for bids. They don’t work on a fixed price but depend on the amount that you will agree upon depending on your requirements and deadline. They will use their detailed profiles to contact the clients with their bids. The company makes their revenue once there is a match between the writers and the client, essayshark com takes its percentage of the cut, and the rest gets paid to the writer.

Services that essayshark com Offers

The primary product of is providing academic writing at all levels in the educational field, i.e., from high school all through to Masters and Doctoral programs. For a client to acquire these, they have to go to essayshark login and put their email address to start the process. These services include:

  • Book reviews
  • Case studies
  • Research proposals
  • Coursework assignments
  • Essays
  • Presentations
  • Graduate level theses
  • Dissertations, among many more.

When placing an order, writers essayshark com have marked the subject areas that they specialize in making it easy for you to pick your writer although we could not find the academic levels for them. What one essayshark writer lacks, you will acquire from the next writer. Hence, all content is covered on this website. Other features of the site are:

  • Live chat with your writer
  • Free preview of your order
  • Integrated plagiarism checker
  • Mobile Version of the service

You can pay for these services via PayPal, so for those who ask, is essayshark safe, yes, the method is secured, and you only pay for the services once delivered.

Assignment Help on essayshark

This is a broad tool for the academic website. The truth is, it is difficult to find all the help in regards to assignments under the same roof. Some sites will specialize in particular subject areas, and others will have limited subjects. assignment essayshark deals with all the problematic tasks that you may have regardless of whichever topic. The homework help tools include:

  • Accounting Help
  • Math Help
  • Java Help
  • Finance Help
  • Mechanical Engineering Help
  • Computer Networking help, and many more.

Quality of Services Offered

As we were reviewing the site, we considered several factors to identify the value of services that essayshark com provides. We evaluated the client’s feedback on all their social media platforms, the testimonials on their website, the quality of papers published on their website and all their writer’s profiles. This is what we came up with:

On more than one occasion, clients have reported that upon requesting for the degrees and background information of essayshark writers, some who claimed to major in some subjects do not possess the qualifications.

On the samples on their site, the quality is relatively good except for in-text citations which were missing in all of them.

essayshark reviews of their top writers on their onsite testimonials were all positive. As for the other writers who freelance on writers essayshark com, we could not find any client feedback to go by.

On online platforms, there were a fair number of unsatisfied clients who claimed that the quality of services that they received was inadequate. Or on other occasions, they were not able to get in touch with their writers to others receiving plagiarized papers of up to 75%.

All in all, just like any other business, their services work on some people while others feel like they get shortchanged. If you happen to get a top writer probably this will enhance the quality of your paper otherwise the rest of the writers will be a gamble that you will have to take. The best case scenario is that you choose a writer with experience.

Is it Easy to Find Help When You Need It?

The thing about online services for clients is to know that they can reach their service providers any given day and time. When seeking these services, many never even know the physical address of these companies. Hence the question, if I have an issue with your product, can I be able to reach you. On essayshark com, it is important to note that the customer support does not handle any issue that may occur during the production process. If you have queries about your order, you can follow up with your writer. Hence, use the live chats and mobile applications to be able to be in touch with them effectively. On other fronts, the customer support is available 24/7, and you can contact them via their email, Facebook, Twitter or Google +.


From the above essayshark review, we are now capable of answering the earlier asked questions. We can confidently say that essayshark com is not a scam since it has been operational for more than 10 years with some satisfied repeat clients. As well, you do not pay until you have received your complete assignment. It is also a legit registered company with its headquarters based in Cyprus Nicosia. In more cases than not, the writers do deliver quality orders, and that sets the website apart from others. Among the shortcomings that we noted though was the fact that they do not have a set fee. If you are working on a budget, you cannot be too sure how much the services would cost you. Overall, our essayshark com rating is fair.

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