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We wonder how many of our readers were homeschooled themselves. Trusted sources report that percentage of children that obtain their school education at home is growing year on year.

Parents concerned about the situation in public schools these days also opt for homeschooling along with those who choose this type of education because of some religious beliefs, the desire to implant certain values or prevent certain things.

So, no wonder that the need for new online homeschooling systems emerges. Time 4 learning is one of such systems. It allows parents homeschool their kids from the comfort of their home. With a well-organized and structured system, there is no need to create lesson plans and search for materials. These guys have it all covered.

So, without further ado, meet our time4learning review that will provide you with even more reasons to choose this service and not any other out there.


You have probably seen a lot of other options out there. However, we are sure that this service is your best choice given its numerous advantages. You can check it out yourself: here are biggest pros of time for learning.

A lot of parents choose to homeschool because it allows for certain flexibility. But with time for learning, you will have even more freedom. There is no need to create your own program and adjust it to the needs of your child. You have it all there inside the system. Depending on your location and grade your kid goes to, the program is changed automatically. However, it is not your responsibility to make sure it really is so.
Your children can study at their own pace and go through as much material as they want. If some of your kids deal with tasks faster than their peers, and they seem bored, you can always choose the “Gifted Child” program to challenge them with more complicated tasks that will keep them motivated. But we’ll talk about this program later.

Money back guarantee.
The creators of the program allow you to pay for the membership and then request a refund in case you did not like the program or were not 100% satisfied with the results.
This gesture seems like a nice gesture. They do not offer you free trials, so you have to register right away. However, you can see what the program is like and within the first two weeks request a refund if needed.

Unlike many other online homeschooling programs, this one will not drive you to bankruptcy. The cost of education here is quite affordable. We will talk about their fee schedule a bit later, but for now, we just want to state that they did their best to make quality homeschooling possible for a wide range of audiences.
Besides, they offer free resources including learning style and homeschooling guides for parents, printable worksheets, demo videos, etc.
And there is no need to overpay for shipping, CDs, or downloads which keeps your pockets full too.

Additional programs.
We could not but mention in our time4learning.com review that these guys offer far more than just online homeschooling. They also have great programs for those looking for unschooling opportunities, after school/skill building, roadschooling, etc.
Moreover, they specialize in education for gifted kids who require more complicated tasks to stay motivated to keep digging.
And another bonus is homeschooling materials for military families. They recognize the importance of home-based education in the families of the military servants. So, they have prepared a program fine-tuned to their needs.

The website and the system behind it are very simple and self-explanatory. All the materials are there in front of you with just a few clicks. Your kids, no matter what their age will be able to easily use the service even without your help. And you as a parent will have access to all the grading and performance reports as well as lesson plans when needed.

There are tons of other advantages of this program. And we will take a look at them too in just a second.


This team did their best to ensure that their product is of the highest quality. You can see it from the start. You go to their website – and get a well-organized and structured space that makes navigation easy both for tech-savvy folks and non-techies.

Information is categorized and can be easily found under a particular category. If you are looking for Maths, Social Studies, Languages, and Science materials for a student of a specific grade, you can find it under Lesson Plans. The same works for Subjects and additional elements that are in the “Resources” section.

Each video made for homeschoolers is fun, interactive and informative. No unnecessary information or overwhelming facts. Only what is needed to meet the educational needs of a student and not burden him with information noise he will never be able to use in his life.


Given other time4learning reviews, we assume that this point is also very important to the customers, and they all seem to be satisfied with the fee schedule of this company.

Education of a PreK student will cost his parents $19.95 per month. The same applies to older students in Elementary and Middle School. Should you have more than one kid, you only pay $19.95 for the first one and $14.95 for every next one per month.

High school home-based education with this tool is a bit more expensive. Monthly access costs about $30 for each student.

You can always sign up and try the system out, as the time for Learning has money back guarantee within 14 days after registration.

Customer Service

Their Customer Happiness Team is ready to help you 24/7. They are available over the phone (which you can find on the website), online chat and email.

If you have issues with the website, can’t understand how something works, or are not satisfied with the quality, contact them and ask for a solution. They will immediately solve your problem. It is for sure, so enjoy!


Time for learning indeed is your best choice among a great variety of other options. These guys did their best in developing a profound educational program. Moreover, they keep updating it using the cutting-edge technologies, modern approaches to teaching based on the feedback of their customers.

They do not leave inquiries unnoticed and take action based on them. So, it is constantly improving service.

Moreover, you can also check out specific resources, guides, and materials for homeschooling in your location. Thus, if you come from Virginia, Texas, or Colorado, you might have a slightly different program than those from Kentucky or Illinois. This is not an issue, though, as Time4Learning took care of it too.

So, with these many pros, all you need to do now is go online and check out their website. You can take your kids too and let them watch a demo video or two to see how well they understand the information presented to them and whether they like the approach. In case they do, don’t hesitate to sign up and take the most out of this pain-free homeschooling experience.

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